Tourist maps and hiking trails

It is possible to create thematic tourist maps and hiking trails that include the whole country, towns or smaller areas. You can mark points of interest on the map using the Navicup mobile application when you are out in the nature or the navicup.com homepage at home on a computer. When people visit an area, they download the Navicup application and enter the map which gives them an overview of the area and leads them to the places where they want to go without letting them get lost. As an added value, the administrator of the map also receives feedback and thorough statistics from the users.


1. Create a map introducing the area surrounding your land or guest house, add local legends, history, interesting facts, voices of animals or birds – this way you will give your clients enough interesting things to do and they will want to stay for another night.
2. Save a hiking trail by using the app while walking through it or mark the trail on a computer map clicking it using the mouse. Make the map more interesting by adding points of interest with their descriptions, pictures or sounds to the trail. The Navicup application helps the hiker to move along the right trail and doesn't let them get lost. When the hiker gets to a point of interest, a window with additional information will open on the screen that shows information you have inserted there. There is no need to paint trees or tie ribbons on branches in order to mark a trail nor is there any necessity to put up information boards in the nature.

More important possibilities

*Creating your own maps without possessing any deeper knowledge about computers.
*Save points and the hiking trail by “walking” through it or you can also do it on your computer without even leaving your desk.
*The changes made on a map are visible to the users of the app in real time, which gives an important advantage compared to paper maps where making changes or correcting mistakes would mean printing out a whole new edition of the map.
*It is possible to import trails and also points from Goolge maps, it supports the kml and gps file formats.
*Local transportation in real time can be added to maps if service providers have technical readiness.
*By using your map the visitor can get to know your area, discover exciting places and “listen” to interesting local stories.
*The application leads the visitor to the places they want to go to and doesn't let them get lost.
*The users of the map can give “stars”, share emotions or write feedback about points of interest.
*The administrator of the map can receive valuable information about the points of interest (computing statistics, “heatmap” etc.)

Examples of users

The International Visit Baltic Manor map (3 countries), Struve Geodetic Arc (9 countries).
Maps on visitestonia.com that cover the entire area of Estonia (in cooperation with EAS), Estonian Culinary Route (in cooperation with Estonian Rural Tourism).
Local maps – the map and hiking trails of Undva village.


Active maps 24/7/365. In app and on web.
Annual fee.



  • 100


2/ obj

  • 5000



  • 5000


Active maps 24/7/365. In app and on web.
Annual fee
0.- € 2.- € /obj 4.- € /obj
Multilingual x x x
Map on the web and in the app x x x
Social media links x x x
Printout of the map on paper x x x
QR codes x x x
App widget x x x
Public object forms x x x
User feedback system in the app x x x
Group location x x x
Audio Guide x x x
Image gallery map x x x
Consumer games x x x
Location-based messages/ads x x x
Instant notifications on the screens of app users x x x
Statistics module x x x
Moving objects - - x
Notify new items - - x
Higher category messages for the app - - x
Mobile payment solution - x x
Max number of objects 100 5000 5000
* The user of the free service is obliged to refer to and link to Navicup app on their website and social media account
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