Tourism and hiking
Create a map telling secrets about local heritage or one covering multiple countries.
You can choose to set points on the map through the app or set them manually in browser editor.
Your guests have access to maps which hold the secrets unknown until today.
User feedback and statistics available for map creator.
Promote local small businesses by bringing them visitors.
Tourism and hiking
How to use
Create a map introducing the area surrounding you. Add local legends, history, interesting facts, voices of animals or birds – this way you will give your clients enough interesting things to do and they will want to stay for another night.
Save a hiking trail by using the app while walking through the trail or set the track via web editor. Make the map more interesting by adding points of interest with their descriptions, pictures or sounds to the trail. The Navicup application helps the hiker to move along the right trail and doesn't let them get lost.
When the hiker gets to a point of interest, a window with additional information will open on the screen that shows information you have inserted there. There is no need to paint trees or tie ribbons to branches in order to mark a trail nor is there any necessity to put up information boards in the nature.
Tourism and hiking
Examples of users
Tourism and hiking
More Possibilites
You can do a lot more with NaviCup maps. Here are some more possibilities to make your created journey more interesting.
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