Tourist and orienteering games

It is possible to create games introducing sightseeing attractions of towns or other areas using the Navicup card system. This is a new and exciting type of entertainment for tourists, young people and families with children for the summer period but also the off-season. Our system has also been used in order to create consumer games for companies and car orienteering events. The Navicup application has also been used in schools which helps make gaining knowledge more playful. It is possible to display the current positions and the routes of the competitors on the public map, which makes the competitions more interesting for the spectators.
Creating the map is exactly the same as the ones described in the previous parts – orienteering points are added to the map where the competitors need to get in person and finish an assignment if needed. There are three types of points: an automatic control point gives the competitor a point just for getting there; in a photo control point the competitor needs to take a photo (e.g. of the control point) following the rules that have been agreed on beforehand or read the instructions displayed on the screen of the mobile application and take a photo in accordance to these; in a question-answer point they need to read a text and question displayed on the screen and answer the question in the app. The mobile application automatically sends all of the questions and results into the Navicup server. The transmission of results doesn't rely on constant mobile coverage, the points that cannot be sent are saved and automatically sent when better coverage is available. It is possible to see the results table that changes in real time on the navicup.com homepage. Only the taken photos need to be checked and marked as in accordance to the rules or not by the referees in the map's admin space. When the green button is clicked beside the picture, the information is automatically added into the table of results.


1. A city adventure game. Create a new city adventure game on the navicup.com homepage. Enter the card's administrative space and set the points on the competition card where you want to send the players. You can write a text in each point that describes it, add a picture of also an audio file as well as a question and an answer. Be creative when deciding on a question to ask. You can make the competitors count the pipes of an organ in a church or ask them to find an answer to a question in wikipedia. When there are no photo taking tasks, then the results table changes in real time and there is no need for the organisers of the game to interfere. You can even make the game last a whole year and give prises for good results each month.
2. A knowledge hunt for students. Create a new knowledge game on navicup.com. In the admin space add points around school house into places where you want the students to run during the game. Add questions and answers chosen from different subjects to each point. The questions will appear on the Navicup mobile application's screen when the students physically arrive at the point. They can give the answer right away if they know it, but they can also answer the question later. This way the competitors can search for the answer to the previous question when moving towards the next point. A knowledge hunt joins the educational programme, physical activity and something children especially enjoy – using their smart phones.
3. Orienteering competitions (bikes, cars etc). Possibility to see own and competitors` performance real-time adds another dimension of exitment to competition. It enables competitors to change their strategy during competition according to their performance compared to others. Navicup significantly increases spectator engagement in case of otherwise difficult-to-follow formats of competitions as with Navicup spectators can follow competitors progress also in real-time. End results of competition can be announced as soon as last competitor finishes, as referees get information from check-points in real-time or Navicup detects crossing check points and finish line automatically. Application forwards information about competitors` position to NaviCup home page, where spectators and support teams follow competitors` progress in real-time. Spectators and referees can also witness competitors` speed and possible violation of speed limits. It is also possible to replay competitors progress after the competition. GPS tracking is reliable even in case of unreliable mobile data connection.

More important possibilities (the added ones are typed in bold)

*Creating your own maps without possessing any deeper knowledge about computers.
*Save points and the hiking trail by “walking” through it or you can also do it on your computer without even leaving your desk.
*It is possible to import trails and also points from Goolge maps, it supports the kml and gps file formats.
*By using your map the visitor can get to know your area, discover exciting places and “listen” to interesting local stories.
*Answering questions and solving tasks composed by the creator of the game.
*A results table that changes in real time.
*It is possible to display the competitors' current positions and covered tracks on the public map.

Examples of users

In the EV100 smart device game (EV100 nutimäng) there are more than a thousand exciting points all across Estonia and hundreds of questions about Estonia.
Many official and unofficial orienteering tracks use the Navicup system in their competitions.
Saare Safari treasure hunt is a fun pastime game for children and families with children.


Daily fee.



  • 50


2/ participant

  • -


4/ participant

  • -


0.- € 2.- € /participant 4.- € /participant
Classes and stages x x x
Open and pre-registration x x x
5 object types x x x
Prohibited areas x x x
Speed limits x x x
Live score x x x
Participant tracks x - x
Participant device information x x x
Multilingual x x x
Map on the web and in the app x x x
Social media links x x x
Printout of the map on paper x x x
QR codes x x x
App widget x x x
Group location x x x
Image gallery map x - x
Location-based messages/ads x x x
Instant notifications on the screens of app users x x x
Moving objects x - x
Notify new items x - x
Higher category messages for the x - x
Mobile payment solution x - x
Max number of objects 50 - -
* The user of the free service is obliged to refer to and link to Navicup app on their website and social media account
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