Tourism and orienteering games
It is possible to create games introducing sightseeing attractions of towns or other areas using the Navicup card system.
Entertainment for tourists, young people and families with children for the summer period and the off-season.
Creating the map for orienteering, points are added to the map where the competitors need to get in person and finish an assignment if needed.
Three control points: automatic, photo point and Q&A point.
Even with low mobile coverage
The transmission of results doesn't rely on constant mobile coverage. Points that cannot be sent are saved and automatically sent when better coverage is available.
tourism and orienteering
How to use
A city adventure game. Create a new city adventure game on the navicup.com homepage. Enter the card's administrative space and set the points on the competition card where you want to send the players. You can write a text in each point that describes it, add a picture of also an audio file as well as a question and an answer.
A knowledge hunt for students. Create a new knowledge game on navicup.com. In the admin space add points around school house into places where you want the students to run during the game. Add questions and answers chosen from different subjects to each point. A knowledge hunt joins the educational programme, physical activity and something children especially enjoy – using their smart phones.
Orienteering competitions (bikes, cars etc). Possibility to see own and competitors` performance real-time adds another dimension of exitment to competition. It enables competitors to change their strategy during competition according to their performance compared to others. GPS tracking is reliable even in case of unreliable mobile data connection.
tourism and orienteering
Examples of users
tourism and orienteering
More Possibilites
You can do a lot more with NaviCup maps. Here are some more possibilities to make your created journey more interesting.
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