The timing, results and following of sporting events

It is possible to use the Navicup card system for following the competitors of different sporting events in real time and also as an alternative timing system. The main areas where it can be used are duration sports where the competitors move along a certain predetermined route, e.g. running or bike marathons, Nordic walking events, long canoe or kayak trips or also car rallies, rally sprints etc.
The competitor needs to take along a smart phone that is logged onto the according Navicup mobile application competition. The Navicup card system enables using separate trackers in order to follow the competitors. The location information from the competitor's app or tracker is sent to the Navicup server which then sends the information to the according competition's public map on navicup.com and the spectator's map in the Navicup mobile application.
In order to use it as an alternative timing system, the administrator of the map needs to mark the tracks, starts, finishes on the competitors' map. Adding the points to the map is done similarly to the ones described in the previous parts. The mobile application of the competitor distinguishes going through a point during the competition and sends the time to the Navicup server. The times are generally assessed with a second's accuracy. A constant good mobile coverage is not needed in order to convey the results, the points that are not sent are saved and automatically sent to the server when better coverage is available.


1. Create a new car rally event on navicup.com homepage. Enter the admin space of the event and import or mark the times, starts, finishes and the locations of splits of the races on the map using your mouse. It is also possible to save the routes and mark the points by driving through them and using the Navicup mobile application. The competitors log their smart devices onto the competition's map in the Navicup mobile application and leave the device switched on until the end of the competition. Navicup forwards the information about the current location, speed, G-s and also accidents of the competitor to the server. Navicup also distinguishes the passing of starts, splits and finishes and forwards the times to the server. The competitors' progression and results are displayed on the navicup.com public homepage. Also create a separate map for the spectators of the event. Add the locations of the races, catering spots and other important places on it (see also the part “Maps of big events”). Now you can join the two maps and the spectators will also see the competitors' progression and results in addition to the general map of the event.
2. Create a new event for a marathon on the navicup.com homepage. You can mark the tracks and insert points exactly as explained in the previous point. Here the competitors also use their smart devices, so the spectators can see their progression and results. The Navicup map system makes it possible to add separate trackers to some competitors that forward their locations and speed, but in addition also show their pulse. You should also create a map for the spectators for this event (see “Maps of big events”). Now the spectators can also see the locations, results and the telemetry data of the competitors.

More important possibilities (the added ones are typed in bold)

*Creating your own maps without possessing any deeper knowledge about computers.
*Save points and the hiking trail by “walking” through it or you can also do it on your computer without even leaving your desk.
*It is possible to import trails and also points from Goolge maps, it supports the kml and gps file formats.
*A results table that changes in real time that is visible on the public homepage and also in the spectators' Navicup mobile applications.
*Following the locations of the competitors on the webpage and in the mobile application.
*Exciting telemetry data like the G-s or pulses.

Examples of users

Ironman Tallinn. In cooperation with Polar and Telia the progression, results and pulse of the competitors were observed through the whole competition.


Daily fee.



  • 50


2/ participant

  • -


4/ participant

  • -


0.- € 2.- € /participant 4.- € /participant
Classes and stages x x x
Open and pre-registration x x x
5 object types x x x
Prohibited areas x x x
Speed limits x x x
Live score x x x
Participant tracks x - x
Participant device information x x x
Multilingual x x x
Map on the web and in the app x x x
Social media links x x x
Printout of the map on paper x x x
QR codes x x x
App widget x x x
Group location x x x
Image gallery map x - x
Location-based messages/ads x x x
Instant notifications on the screens of app users x x x
Moving objects x - x
Notify new items x - x
Higher category messages for the x - x
Mobile payment solution x - x
Max number of objects 50 - -
* The user of the free service is obliged to refer to and link to Navicup app on their website and social media account
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