President’s hiking trail at Jäneda Visitpandivere.ee

The "Presidents hiking trail" is a 10 km-long forest trail in Lääne-Viru County that starts in Aegviidu and winds its way through Nelijärve to Jäneda. In winter it plays host to the ever more popular "Presidents hike", in which Arnold Rüütel, President of Estonia from 2001-2006, also takes part. Did you know...? - The trail was named after former Presidents of Estonia, Konstantin Päts and Arnold Rüütel, who came here often. - The first President of the Republic of Estonia, Konstantin Päts, was the man behind the Nelijärve tourism centre: he came up with the idea and funded its construction. He also founded Jäneda Agricultural High School. - Arnold Rüütel graduated Jäneda School with the class of 49.
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