Team adventure ‘Kunda Prankster’s Team School’ at Lontova Adventure Park Visitpandivere.ee

Lontova’s Prankster was able to become more than just a drawing – now, it entertains children in spring and autumn. In the winter, Prankster will come out on reservation only. Prankster is a wonderful companion in the adventure park and will also draw and do lots of fun things with you. He is a good friend to children and adults alike. There are five trails at Prankster’s Team School. Before conquering the trails, make sure to find the prankster in you. A true prankster is optimistic and energetic, smart and a little bit naughty, helpful, and tends to tickle others. Usually, children can relate to him more than adults but that it okay – that is where the Prankster’s Team School comes to play.
Vaata Kaardil
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