Estonian flagstaff in Otepää Visitestonia.ee kaart

The Estonian blue-black-and-white national flag waves in the highest flagstaff in Estonia – in the centre of Otepää. The flag was hoisted on a 20-metre flagstaff on the National Flag Day on 4 June 2009 when 125 years passed from the day when the first blue-black-and-white flag was commemorated and consecrated. Do you know that the flag consecrated on 4 June 1884 was initially the flag of Estonian University Students, then the Estonian national flag and when the Republic of Estonia was established the blue-black-and-white colour combination was declared the national colours? Today there is a room dedicated to the Estonian flag in the former parsonage in Kirikumõisa – in the place where the flag was consecrated.
Vaata Kaardil
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