Odessa Savouring Estonia - tipprestoranidest tänavatoiduni

There is no other city like Odessa, where a food culture has developed in a very special way, so it competes with the national cuisine. It includes a diverse blend of Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish Bessarabian and Belarusian ways of cooking, along with the cuisines of many other current and former neighbours in the region. The Odessa restaurant in Tallinn Old Town is as authentic as it can be: the owners come from Odessa, the menu is comprised of traditional Odessa dishes, the hospitality is typical of Odessa, and the chefs come to work in Tallinn from Odessa in shifts.

Pikk 30, Tallinn
+372 53 025 557

Text: Heidi Vihma
Vaata Kaardil
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