NOA Chef`s Hall Savouring Estonia - tipprestoranidest tänavatoiduni

NOA Chefs Halls rise to the top was rapid. The year that it opened it was already named Estonias best restaurant. And it has stayed at the top. A tasting menu is on offer, with your choice of a suitable wine, champagne or juice. The dishes that have been refined down to the last detail are unique, fantasy-filled and hearty. Many of the dishes are prepared over an open fire. The open kitchen and presence of the head chef add scope to the gastronomic experience. Executive chef Tõnis Siigur is truly one of the most famous in Estonia, and the same school is represented by the head chef, a young talent named Orm Oja.

Ranna tee 3, Tallinn
+372 508 0589

Text: Heidi Vihma

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