Kolm Sibulat Savouring Estonia - tipprestoranidest tänavatoiduni

Just like real onions, the Kolm Sibulat (three onions) restaurant is also striated: the inspiration for the menu has come from both Asia and Europe, from both fast and slow food. Kimchi, lentils, slow-cooked meat dishes with Asian-style seasoning, cold-water fish and local vegetables are presented in new and exciting combinations. Regardless of which corner of the world has provided the inspiration, the components are balanced and the flavours are perfectly harmonised. The large beverage selection, professional service and cosy atmosphere help maintain the balance. This is a family restaurant, created by the same people as Moon, which features Russian cuisine, and the Mantel ja Korsten.

Telliskivi 2, Tallinn
+372 664 4055

Text: Heidi Vihma

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