Härg Savouring Estonia - tipprestoranidest tänavatoiduni

The founders of the Härg (Ox in English) Restaurant are three Estonian meat specialists and grill masters Enn Tobreluts, Hanno Kuul and Andres Tuule. The menu favourites include high-quality steaks, slow-cooked meat, and grilled dishes. The menu also features lamb, pork and duck dishes, fish, seafood, vegetarian dishes and healthy salads. The Härgs modern interior design, which has been deemed worthy of a nomination for the annual prize awarded by the Estonian Association of Interior Architects, makes it special and festive. In the summer the restaurant expands onto the terrace, and the courtyard can accommodate larger groups of guests.

Maakri 21, Tallinn
+372 53 825 003

Text: Heidi Vihma
Vaata Kaardil
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