The Red Rock Prangli saare reisijuht

This is the biggest, but not the only, erratic boulder on the island. The name Red Rock comes from the fact that the rock is granite and looks reddish. Granite is not a stone that you can easily find in Estonia. We like to call the rock as  a present from Finland where you can find plenty of granite. The Red Rock is 3,3 metres high and has a circumference of 31,1 metres . There are around 100 giant erratic boulders in Estonia, in terms of size the Red Rock is somewhere in the middle. The Red Rock was carried here by the ice sheet during the Ice Age, so it is about 10000 years old. The forest where it is located is protected, as the area is home to various types of lichen and moss. Locals also call it the rock of babies. There is a belief that any woman of suitable age who climbs on top of the rock and slides down the other side will be gifted with children after nine months!
Vaata Kaardil
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