Prangli Cultural Center Prangli saare reisijuht

The Cultural Centre was built during the soviet occupation of Estonia, in the 1950s. The size of the building gives you an idea of how many more people used to live on the island only a few decades ago. The current population of the island is about 70 people. Different activities, workshops and local public meetings are organised in the centre. Christmas, Shrove Tuesday and Mothers’ Day are celebrated here together. During summer, several events are held in Prangli Cultural Centre. There are also a library, a post office and a local healthcare in the same building.  In case of emergency, please call to emergency number 112 and you will be connected to local emergency service, help will be there in 15 minutes and they take care of you.   
Local community care about and trust each other well. Sometimes it is thought to be too closed and resistant to changes and innovation. In the good old times the fresh “blood” was brought in by women. The future wives were brought to Prangli from nearby fishing villages or even from Finland.
Vaata Kaardil
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