Tenuneeme peninsula Prangli saare reisijuht

This is the place where, during the old times, the ice road from Prangli Island to the mainland started. The ice road was in use until the gigantic Muuga Port was built. Local people used special two-ski sledges, called “potkakelk” in Prangli dialect, to access the mainland. Many local fishermen start their fishing trips from here. Even nowadays hobby-fishing is popular. During the Soviet occupation, local fishermen were allowed to continue fishing which used to be their only income. The collective fishing farm “Kirov” created plenty of work for local men and women. Cod can be caught from the deep sea during coldish spring months and plaice is common during the summer. However, the most precious catch is whitefish. During the Soviet time, people, who used to work in Kirov’s collective farm, earned good money. There are stories from the past where people used to get a taxi to drive from the centre of Tallinn to Prangli Island over the ice.
Vaata Kaardil
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