Prangli Secondary School Prangli saare reisijuht

The first parish school was founded in 1869. The founder of the school was a priest from Jõelähtme called Paul Loppenowe. At the beginning the school worked as a 4-grade, then 6-grade, 8-grade and now a 9-grade school. The current building dates back to 1900 and is under protection. Before 1900 people were educated at home. In 2019 to 2020 there are 6 children studying at the school. Prangli school also provides distance learning to a student on the nearby island, Naissaar. Teaching takes place in mixed-aged classes. There are 7 part-time teachers working at the school, some of them sail to work from the mainland. People say that the first head of the school, 150 years ago, used to be a keen seal hunter. As soon as seals appeared on the ice near the coast the head would rush off to indulge in his passion, obviously, the lessons were cancelled and children were free to do their own thing. It is interesting to know that older locals still speak in Prangli dialect that sounds like you speak Estonian with Finnish accent.
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