Prangli Singing Ground Prangli saare reisijuht

Located on the peninsula of Ülesaare and built in 2011, the singing ground complex includes a traditional bonfire area and is a well-known gathering place for local events, such as midsummer eve. It is an idyllic place for choir-singing, theatre performances and concerts. People in Prangli have always loved singing and music, Prangli has its own anthem, you can listen it here. The singing ground is built in the shape of traditional seal hunting boat called an eistuk. This specific type of non-keel boat is still in use. Every year “eistuk”-sailing competitions are held on fishermen’s day. It is the matter of pride to be able to sail an eistuk!  They say you need at least three people to sail eistuk – one for rowing, another for throwing out the water and the third one for calling for help.
Vaata Kaardil
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