Prangli Church Prangli saare reisijuht

The current building was constructed in 1848 and is officially known as the Saint Laurentius Church of Prangli. The church was completed on 10th August, which is Saint Lawrence Day and where the church got its name from. The church was thoroughly renovated in 1860, the organ also dates from then and you can see this date on top of the weather vane as well. Prangli inhabitants have always thought they live under the protection of God. Thats why going to the church and keeping the church yard clean and tidy is the rule of the thumb. All visitors are kindly asked to respect this rule. There is an active congregation and, in the summertime, services are held on regular basis every other Sunday. Until spring 2018, Prangli church's long-term priest was Kalle Rebane. The new head is Herki Talen.  The first church in Prangli was on the beach at Estali and was built by two seal hunters who were in peril on the stormy sea. They promised God that they would build a church at the first place they made landfall, if they were saved.
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