The Memorial of Eestirand Prangli saare reisijuht

Eestirand was originally built in Scotland and was the biggest ship in the Estonian merchant fleet at the time. In the Second World War the ship commissioned into service by the soviets and was bombed several times, while it was passing by the Island of Prangli, by German aircraft. The Russian captain Nelke managed to sail the ship towards the island from where it was possible to swim to the shore of Prangli. The memorial commemorates the brave Estonian men who were taken by force by Soviets in August 1941 to sail to Russia to work in concentration camps of Siberia. If the ship hadn’t sunk they could have sailed into a mine field and died in Hara Bay of the northern coast of Estonia. The ship held about 4000 men, among which 2500-3000 were rescued by locals of Prangli Island. The rescued men stayed on the island for a while until the political situation started to cool down. The ship itself stayed on the rocks near the coast for five years after the accident. Locals did a couple of raids to the shipwreck to collect the valuable items like the ships lights, pieces of furniture and a large cargo of vodka kept in oak barrels. A special theatre performance "Eestirand. On the Course of Hope" was conducted in memory of this event. It was performed at the harbour shed of Prangli island in 2018 and 2019.  Many locals seemed to know about a valuable art collection hidden on the board of Eestirand. Unfortunately, the hidden treasure has not yet been found.
Vaata Kaardil
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