Loo Lighthouse Prangli saare reisijuht

For a very long time Prangli has attracted sailors, being just in the right spot for passers-by. In order to make sailing, navigating and anchoring around Prangli’s rocky coastline less dangerous, Peter the Great, who ruled the area at the time, allowed a wooden stupa filled with sand and rocks to be built. This was used as a signal to warn sailors of approaching land. A small hillock marked on the map was first used as natural navigation signal, as well as a flag raised on top of the highest rock on the shore and later the pyramid-shaped lighthouse built after the First World War. In 1936, a new lighthouse on the South-East was built and then an iron and concrete one on Loo Peninsula. Both of which were designed by   Armas Luige. Unfortunately, they were both badly damaged in the war and there is now nothing left of them. In 1960, the new 12 metres high concrete lighthouse was built which we can see today. The most famous lighthouse in the area is to the North of Prangli, on Keri Island. It was built on the orders of Peter the Great and is shaped like a vodka carafe. Why? The story is that Peter the Great had just placed the vodka carafe on the map where Keri Island is and said there will be a lighthouse here!
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