Gas Source Prangli saare reisijuht

The current natural gas resource is the only one left in Estonia which still provides non-stop gas. The holes were first drilled in 1924, with the aim of finding oil. Later, after the Second World War, five further holes were drilled, these were all deeper than 100 meters. At first, the holes were quite successful but then the amount of gas started to become uneven and some of them were filled with soil and water as they did not produce enough gas for industrial use. Nowadays, the site is popular among the tourists, who can have a barbeque using the natural gas resource. You can simply use your matches to light the fire near the gas pipe, but please do not forget to blow it out afterwards.  During the time of the Soviet occupation the authorities wanted to close all the drilled holes and stop the drilling of any new ones but, as a matter of fact, the tap, which the drillers were to use for closing the gas outlet, got lost somewhere in Russia. So, they were unable to shut it down. Since that time, the gas supply has continued and has never stopped. Another story tells us that the local farm ladies used the natural gas source for heating up and boiling massive pots, which they filled with potatoes for their pigs.
Vaata Kaardil
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