Canoe trip on the Rannapungerja river Ida-Viru spordi ja matka kaart

The Rannapungerja River is the largest of the rivers flowing from the Alutaguse lowland to Lake Peipus. The river is calm and makes great meanders at the bottom of the valley. The Rannapungerja River was once a log rafting road from the forests of Alutaguse to Lake Peipus. During the hike, the journey takes place along the Rannapungerja River from the Jaruska Bridge to the Rannapungerja Lighthouse. The Rungapungerja River is calm in nature and is also suitable for hiking for families with children. N For those who come for hiking, we recommend a light pan and change clothes. n nLiasks, if desired, we organize the possibility of using a picnic or tent sauna.n n

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