Eagle hiking trail Ida-Viru spordi ja matka kaart

The Kotka hiking trail introduces low and transitional bogs and sandy ridges that have formed from sediments accumulated at the end of the ice age. nWalking along the boardwalk, you will see bog marshes, transitional bog vegetation and remnant lakes, a body of water that is almost overgrown by today. There are forest huts in the middle of the trail and on the edge of the Rüütli bog, and there is enough space for camping. At the same time, there are campfire sites and pleasant under-roof seating. The trail starts from an old sand quarry near the settlement of Iisaku and ends in the village of Alliku in the Rüütli bog. The length of the whole trail is 7 km, but you can also hike only along the 1.5 km long boardwalk in the Rüütli swamp.nnnn


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