Valaste hiking and study trail EV100 - nutimäng

The Valaste hiking and study trail runs in the Ontika landscape protection area and the total length of the trail is 1.5 km. The trail runs for 700 m in a bank forest, on a rubble bank under the bank, where a boardwalk and a beach have been built. In addition, the descent from the bank is almost 55 m and the same amount of ascent back. There are 22 information boards by the trail introducing the Ontika cliff and the natural values of the area. Between the steppe and the sea, on the rubble shore grows a bank forest with exceptional nature for the Nordic countries and one of the most ancient forest types in Estonia. Klint forest is a rich habitat for old tree insects and is also well suited for bats. Valaste waterfall is also located by the trail.

Vaata Kaardil
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