Nedrema wooded meadow campfire site and nature reserve EV100 - nutimäng

In the vicinity of the Nedrema wooded meadow campfire you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the richness of species and see many protected plants. NnNedrema wooded meadow is one of the largest in Estonia and all of Europe. As a result of the restoration works started in 1998, the size of the mowed area has increased to almost 100 hectares. nnGood to know! Wooded meadows are man-made, species-rich heritage communities that have developed over the centuries, hay and grazing were made in these sparse park-like stands, and medicinal plants, berries and mushrooms were picked. The intensification of agriculture in the 20th century is the main reason for the widespread destruction of wooded meadows in Northern Europe.

Vaata Kaardil
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