Vilsandi hiking trails EV100 - nutimäng

Vilsandi Island can be reached by boat from Papisaare Harbor and in summer on foot. nA nearly 5 km long marked hiking trail from the end of the Kuusnõmme peninsula leads over the plateaus to Väike-Vilsandi. nThe 2 hiking trails in Suur-Vilsandi start from the observation tower in the middle of Vilsandi Island. The 8 km long study trail leads along the south beach to the lighthouse along the coral reefs and from there back through the forest to the north coast. The second hiking trail leads to Vesiloo Island, passing the fence-limited complex monitoring area. NVilsandi National Park is the oldest and most marine protected area in the Baltics. NWe recommend that you visit the RMK Vilsandi RP information point Loonaln n n n n n

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