Pikalombi hiking trails EV100 - nutimäng

In Setomaa, on the hiking trails of Pikalombi, there are two possible starting points: the parking lot of Värska Water Center and the Värska Bay side of Värska Sanatorium. The lengths of the so-called trails are 3.8 and 9.1 km. Nature trails can be traversed in autumn, spring and summer by foot or bicycle. On the boardwalk of the Velna bog, the bicycle must be pushed by the hand. In winter, snowshoes are a suitable hiking tool in the marshes. The trail is marked with information boards and numbered signs.nnGood to know: there are 11 trail points on the trail. Item no. 6 It is possible to swim, make a campfire and stay-rest for a long time by the beautiful Lake Saarõpää.nn

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