Emajõgi study trail EV100 - nutimäng

From the Kantsi tavern building, a 3 km long and 1.2 m wide study path starts along the boardwalk, which makes its way to a floodplain by the river, in a lowland meadow without supplies, and passes through a swamp. The trail has three rest areas with the possibility of camping and an open-air observation platform. The trail can be reached in about 1 hour and also ends at the tavern building. The so-called Emajõgi study trail belongs to the Peipsiveere nature reserve area. nnGood to know: The main values of the Peipsiveere, formerly known as the Emajõgi-Suursoo nature reserve are the diversity of wet habitats and the large delta swamp of the Emajõgi. The protected area has been under state nature protection since 1981. nn

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