Saaremaa Tea House Garden. Saaremaa Arboretum's garden of medicinal and aromatic plants and uncommon berries. EV100 - nutimäng

Saaremaa Tea House ™ The garden allows you to get acquainted with the cultivation of herbs and medicinal plants in the commercial garden. More than 200 different varieties of plants grow in the garden, which are used to make Saaremaa Tea ™ mixtures. The orchard plantation is based on the principles of permaculture and is unique in its exhibition all over the world. Saaremaa Teekoda ™ The garden is intended for consumption and picking, therefore it is constantly changing according to the time of completion of the garden products. The design and structure of the garden is inspired by the former farm garden of Nõmme Farm, where the classic Saaremaa Farm Garden was later built, where the plants are planted in the "chessboard" style.

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