RMK Valgesoo lookout tower EV100 - nutimäng

The Valgesoo lookout tower is located in the Valgesoo bog, which represents one of the 21 places in South Estonia marked with a yellow window by National Geographic and is definitely recommended for all nature lovers to visit. The eye-catching design tower offers a magnificent view of the Valgesoo bog, the primeval forest of the primeval look and the "Baron's Pine" and the study trail that runs there. The 29.7 m high metal observation tower has 3 intermediate platforms, the last observation platform is 23.8 m high, with a wind wall and benches in the middle. Nearby RMK campfire site and camping area for up to five tents.


--------------------------- EV100 QUESTION: Glad you got here! You don't have to shake your brains everywhere to get a point. We'll just give you a point!
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