Butterfly house in Pärnu county EV100 - nutimäng

Come and see the beautiful exotic butterflies and tropical plants, which live in a large conservatory where they can be seen flying around and feeding and just resting. Butterflies can also be seen very closely - they can land on you. A visit to the butterfly house is also suitable for the little ones in the family - with the help of an employee, a butterfly can also be picked up to take pictures. There is a person on site who will answer all your questions. In addition, you can explore the butterfly information catalog. Book a butterfly house with an adjoining room for special events: a photo session, a romantic dinner or a birthday.

yldine_hinnad_taiskasvanu 7.00
yldine_hinnad_laps 3.00
yldine_hinnad_pere 18.00
yldine_hinnad_pensionar 4.00
yldine_hinnad_tudeng 5.00
yldine_hinnad_opilane 5.00


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