Uhti minizoo EV100 - nutimäng

Uhti minizoo makes you both nervous and heart warm. Uhti country house has been reconstructed into a "castle" of animals, where snakes, iguanas, turtles, fish, etc. live. The owner of the house wants the animals to feel like in paradise and this can be seen in the unique look of the building, for example, a large swimming pool has been built for turtles and fish. In addition, there is a café in the building, where you can make the best coffee and ice cream in the village in the middle of the animals. Rabbits, chickens and geese also live on the farm. Ask for a price for groups with a tour!

yldine_hinnad_taiskasvanu 8.00
yldine_hinnad_laps 5.00
yldine_hinnad_pere 20.00


--------------------------- EV100 QUESTION: Glad you got here! You don't have to shake your brains everywhere to get a point. We'll just give you a point!
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