Lake Pikkjärv and camping area EV100 - nutimäng

Järvi Pikkjärv, also Järvi Pikajärv, Pühameeste Pikkjärv is a natural lake located in Harju County, Kuusalu Parish, near Suru village. It is the northeasternmost lake in the Järvi Lake District, with an area of 5.2 ha. The lake is surrounded by a mixed pine-spruce forest. The shore of the northeastern end of the lake is sandy and suitable for bathing. The lake beautifies the landscape of Kõrvemaa and as a holiday destination also offers the possibility of camping. The camping area is located in the northeast corner of the lake inside the forest under spruce trees. The Järvi-Aegviidu hiking trail (27 km), which starts from the Järvi Pikkjärve camping area, is part of RMK's large network of hiking trails.


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