Pernova Nature House pet room EV100 - nutimäng

The pet room in the Pernova Nature House is a favorite place for all animal lovers, where animals and birds from all over the world live! Once a day, while cleaning the cages, pets have the opportunity to run around the room freely. Visiting the living corner is also part of a visit for groups of children, where the instructor explains the difference between domestic and wild animals. In the interests of a peaceful animal living environment, a limited number of people can enter the room at one time. A guide or hostess will give explanations about the life and habits of your favorites.

yldine_hinnad_taiskasvanu 6.00
yldine_hinnad_laps 2.00
yldine_hinnad_pere 18.00
yldine_hinnad_pensionar 4.00
yldine_hinnad_tudeng 4.00
yldine_hinnad_opilane 4.00


--------------------------- EV100 QUESTION: Glad you got here! You don't have to shake your brains everywhere to get a point. We'll just give you a point!
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