Parrot Center EV100 - nutimäng

Parrot Theater • A training program in a special jungle with a pirate who shows almost all species of parrots - giving an instructive, fun and playful performance with talking parrots (for everyone: families, groups of children, companies, pensioners and, of course, birdwatchers); , birthdays, company events, room rental • We advise bird owners • Bird Hotel • Parrot Theater - duration 45 minutes. And so that the trip to us would not be in vain and the Parrot Center could still be seen, please always book a visit in advance! info@papagoi.ee or tel. 5065601

yldine_hinnad_taiskasvanu 9.00
yldine_hinnad_laps 7.00
yldine_hinnad_pere 35.00
yldine_hinnad_pensionar 7.00


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