Suure Munamäe observation tower EV100 - nutimäng

Suur Munamägi is the highest peak in the Baltics with a height of 318 m above sea level. The Suure Munamäe lookout tower offers you a great view of Estonian nature within a radius of 50 km in clear weather. The current tower is the sixth in number, completed in 1939 and the height after 1969. reconstruction is 29.1 meters. From the tower you can see the typical scattered settlement of Vana-Võromaa - the farms are located far from each other, separated by woods, valleys, lakes and mountain ranges. Due to its height, Suur Munamägi is one of the most important national symbols of Estonia. The tower can be reached on foot or by lift.

yldine_hinnad_taiskasvanu 6.00
yldine_hinnad_laps 3.00
yldine_hinnad_pere 18.00
yldine_hinnad_pensionar 3.00
yldine_hinnad_tudeng 3.00
yldine_hinnad_opilane 3.00

https://www.puhkaeestis.ee/et/suure-munamae- Vaatetorn

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