Roosisaar, Põltsamaa EV100 - nutimäng

Põltsamaa is known as a city of bridges, parks, roses and wine. Rose Island is an island located in the center of Põltsamaa, which was transformed into a rose island in 2001. 2000 rose seedlings have been planted on the island, a gazebo has been built, sidewalks have been built and lighting has been installed. Before World War II, the island was the center of the city, there were many companies and the island was called Kaubasaari. Rose Island offers a magnificent view of the Põltsamaa River and fishing access. It is also a pleasant place for photographers. While in Põltsamaa, it is definitely worth visiting the Põltsamaa Rose Garden.


EV100 QUESTION: Glad you got here! You don't have to shake your brains everywhere to get a point. We'll just give you a point!

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