Tädu hiking trail Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

The 3,5 km long Tädu hiking trail is located in Harju County, Viimsi Parish and runs parallel to Randvere Street. This forest trail has 9-interest points and takes about 1,5 to 2 hours to complete at an easy pace. There is a car park with a small information stand that has a trail map and an introduction to the trail. There is also a picnic area at the end of the trail. It is about 800 m along the main road to the starting point of the trail. The hiking trail finishes at the side of Randvere Street. The trail provides a rich overview of different species of tree as well as the stages of forest maintenance. Fact or fiction: Some say, the Tädu spruce growing on top of the rock just next to the trail is the only rock-top tree that has ever grown in Estonia. In 2007 the 130-year old tree started drying and two years later it lost all of its needles. Finally, a storm broke the tree trunk in December 2011, but the tree stump is still there.
Vaata Kaardil
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