Jussi Õlletuba Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

The most legendary eating and party place in Viimsi is certainly Jussi Õlletuba (Jussi Beer House). Traditional Estonian food and beer are provided in large portions and at low prices. During the weekend nights you can listen to live-music and participate in karaoke. During the summer months an outdoor patio and an apple-tree garden are open to visitors. Fact or fiction: Jussi Õlletuba was built in 1935 by Johannes Ehasoo. The main building used to have several side buildings and in one of them there was a tiny bakery. The main building was used as a local store where you could buy all types of products. Juss s daughters helped out in the store. Juss himself used to have many friends which is why there is well-known pub here nowadays. Visitors even came from the island of Prangli.For further information, please contact www.jussikas.ee
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