Restaurant Coccodrillo Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

This restaurant is located in the park of Viimsi manor. In the cellar of the historical building you can find the restaurants two halls - Võlvsaal and Tähesaal and also Coccodrillo Pizzeria. During the summer months visitors can enjoy endless varieties of delicious traditional Italian pizzas. Prices start from 7 EUR. Fact or fiction: The restaurant in the historical building has an exciting past. It is known from history that during the 15th century St. Bridgets Convent moved the location of producing the food supplies needed for the cloister to Viimsi village, to be more specific - the current Viimsi manor. A pond was dug for growing fish and producing ice in the winter. Grains were kept on the main floor, whilst meat and other goods that need to be kept at a cold temperature were stored in the cellar throughout summer months.More information: www.peokeskus.ee/coccodrillo/3 photos
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