Beach Restaurant PAAT Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

Restaurant Paat is a unique place to visit because of its architecture and design. The upside-down boat-like building always offers a fantastic view to the sea and it is even possible to see the Tallinn skyline from here. During the summer months the outdoor patio-area is opened. The concept and menu is to offer meals derived from the products of the sea and the land. Main courses start from 13 EUR. There are also daily specials available during working days between 12-3 pm, the price range is between 4-5 EUR. Fact or fiction: The restaurant is situated in a spot where you can enjoy the earliest and one of the most famous brands from Tallinn - the silhouette of Tallinns skyline - known as kilukarbisiluett in Estonian direct translation to English - sprat box silhouette. The mass production of sprats started during the 19th century when they were exported to Russia. By then it was already clear that better packaging was important and a tin with a beautiful silhouette of Tallinn was created. The smart idea of creating such an iconic brand brought a lot of fame and success for Estonain businessmen.For further information, please contact: www.paat.ee/en
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