Bowling and Billiard club "Kuulsaal" Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

Kuulsaal Bowling and Billiard club has 8 bowling tracks, 10 billiard and snooker tables and an open-view lounge-bar. The bowling club can hold up to 200 people. A special cosy atmosphere and interesting light solutions add a lot to the interior. It also has the newest track program in Estonia and a secret window through which you can easily explore the secrets of the equipment room. There is a special childrens area called MUUUV Seiklusmaa (Adventureland) just next to the bowling tracks. Fact or fiction: This incredibly exciting sport comes from America. However, the very first roots of this pastime go back to Medieval Germany where a similar game was played during religious rituals. For example, historians think that around the 3rd century every farmer used to carry a bat (kegel in German) with him to show his loyality to the church. The bat was used to use as a target which other farmers had to roll a rock at. If the bat fell down then the farmer was not guilty of any sin and the church accepted that by welcoming the farmer.http://viimsi.kuulsaal.ee/eng

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