Viimsi Hill Park Vimka Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

Taking into consideration the size of Estonia, Viimsi Hill Park Vimka is quite a large centre for those who are into downhill sports. At 250-meters in length and 36-meters in height, Vimka – Viimsi Mäepark is the largest hill near the capital and happy to welcome visitors. Ski and snowboadring equipment rental is available. The Hill Park has up-to-date system to produce artificial snow and maintain the slope, with the aim to provide riders the best conditions. The Hill Park is opened for freestylers, skiers and snowboarders. A snow tube track is also opened for everbody. During the seasons without snow you can climb on the adventurous Tarzans trail or jump on bungee trampoline, as well as enjoy other attractions. Fact or fiction: Vimka is a snowpark for freestyle skiers and snowboarders. If you practice hard enough, you might become the next Kelly Sildaru - world famous young Estonian freestyle skier, who is said to be Estonias national treasure!www.vimkapark.ee/viimsi-maepark/?lang=en
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