Viimsi petrol tanks Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

During the Soviet occupation massive petrol tanks were built under the edge of Viimsi clint. Some of them are still there. Many people want to know the purpose and use of these tanks. The whole area of Viimsi used to be a border zone and access was limited only to those who lived in the area. Non-residents could only visit Viimsi if they were invited. It is interesting to know that between 1969-1972 a unique underground tank was created by the metro bulders from Leningrad. The system was connected to the re-fueling pier located in the bay of Tallinn. This well-known pier was used to fuel barracks as well a submarines. The underground tank has never been accessible for common people. Because of the low constant temperature, this place has the perfect conditions for storing petrol. The tank is still in use and now belongs to a private business. The tanks that were kept on the surface were demolished by the Soviet troops. When the troops were leaving the petrol was let out of the tanks before demolishing them. Fact or fiction: The surface tanks were visible from the bay of Tallinn and provided a good opportunity for Soviet troops - in case of bombing, the tanks would explode and damage the whole area. However, these were built by Soviets as decoy targets for the enemy. The petrol itself was kept 50m deep underground.
Vaata Kaardil
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