Rohuneeme air missile base Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

The ruins of a Soviet period air missile base can be found in the woods of Rohuneeme. A nice walking trail leads you to the sight but before arriving at the main site you will have a brilliant chance to see the Rohuneeme erratic boulder. The remaining monumental ruins of the missile base are just 5-minutes walk from the boulder and located in the middle of the woods are the signs of a super-secret Soviet air missile monitoring system. The abandoned military battery provides the easiest access for visitors. These buildings can be seen in several places throughout Estonia and were built to monitor and intercept attacks by the enemies of The Soviet Union. About 30 years ago, Soviet soldiers were ready to protect their country by shooting down any approaching missile. Fact or fiction: The range of the last missiles deployed here was more than 30 km with the targeting height up to 25 km. The warheads weighed about 190-196 kg. A V-760 nuclear missile was also kept at the Rohuneeme base. For civillians, entering the base was strictly forbidden. Who knows what else Soviet military troops used to keep here.
Vaata Kaardil
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