Lubja clint and cave Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

The well-known Lubja Hill in Viimsi is actually part of a 35-metre high Baltic cliff. The total lenght of the clint is 3,4 km with the width of 1,6 km. Where different layers of clint meet and join together you can spot the cave with many names (Röövlikoobas, Kuradikoobas, Tondiauk) which is under protection. There are two ways of getting into a 18-metre long cave - one is if you access lower levels on cliff near Vimka hill park and the other entrance is near the lighthouse on top of the cliff. Legend or fact: The real story of foundation of the cave is unknown. Most likely it was dug here during the Livonian or The Great Nordic war for keeping the gunpowder. Although, there are some who think it is the place where pirates used to hide their treasure. 
Vaata Kaardil
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