Rohuneeme erratic boulder Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

Rohuneeme erratic boulder stands on the 5th or 6th place in its volume in the row of all possible boulders in Estonia. The measurements are as follows: 30 or 31.4 m around the rock, height 7.4 m, the lenght 12.1 m with the width of 9.7 m. During the Soviet period it was not accessable due to the location which landed on the same spot where the Soviet troops created an isolated air missile base. Today, the erratic boulder is easily accessible. The route to the sight is signposted. Fact or fiction: One of the stories told about the abandoned Soviet military base is that before the troops left Estonia in 1991 they poured the left-over fuel on the ground of the beautiful forest to poison and damage the surface. Some say the mushrooms in the forest are still full of fuel and thus not edible. More epic story tells that Linda, the wife of epic hero Kalev wanted to carry a rock in her apron to her beloved husbands grave but the straps broke and the rock just landed where we can see it nowadays.
Vaata Kaardil
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