Pandju Island Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

Despite being connected to the mainland by a small, narrow strip of land, Pandju is still an island. In 2012 the area of the island was 0.87 hectares but it is constantly shrinking. The area around the island is well loved and frequently used by sea birds who find this an attractive spot for nesting. During the hatching period, from 14th April until 31st July it is prohibited to set foot on the island. At other times of year visiting is welcomed and a favourite with locals who enjoy the area most during the winter months. June, July and August are also perfect months to see wind and kite surfers enjoying themselves. Fact or fiction: The name Pandju comes from Finnish. Pandju means the tools the Finns used to use for fishing or hunting birds. In Finland the same word is used in many place names.
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