Saint Jacob's church Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

St.Jacobs church in Viimsi looks modern on the outside as well as the inside. In addition to Sunday services you can often see an exhibition or a concert here, all being part of the church. It is the only newly built Lutheran church in Estonia since WW II. The church was consecrated on 25th July 2007 in honour and commemorate people who died at sea throughout time. The patron of the religious palace is Estonias former president Mr. Lennart Meri. Fact or fiction: In recent years the most popular summer day falls at the end of July when a widely celebrated day of pop-up cafes is held. Many locals open pop-up cafes in their own homes. The church also participates and opens its doors for a pop-up cafe, as well - something you cannot see in many churches.
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