Viimsi Manor Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

Viimsi Manor was built during the 15th century on the Baltic Clint escarpment. Today, the trees of the overgrown manor park hide the magnificent view to the seaside. The architecture of the central complex of the manor was built during 18th century. During the first Independence of the Republic of Estonia the manor was given to General Johan Laidoner, who owned the premises up to 1940. Today, you can find the General Laidoner Museum and the Estonian War Museum in the same building. In the stable of the manor you can also find a cosy EcoSpa with a cafe. The cafe is opened every day. Fact or fiction: According to legend the owner of Viimsi Manor allowed a wooden tower to be built on top of the highest peak of Lubja Hill. That point used to be the best place to watch the ships passing by. However, that wasnt the only purpose of the tower. Every time a ship was spotted passing by he sent the local farmers to raid it. It is not known whether they used any sneaky tricks to get on board or just over-powered the ship using physical force. All the treasure taken during these raids was hidden in the caves under the hill of Lubja. Some say it is still there.
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